Why should I pay my STF membership fee if I am not travelling in the near future?

STF is one of Sweden's largest non-profit member organizations and our work is mainly financed through accommodations and membership fees. Presently, the income from STF's accommodations is almost non-existent. Despite this, STF's accommodations, local chapters and non-profit patrons continue to allow people to experience a rich outdoor life, making nature and culture accessible to everyone, every day. At the moment their work is perhaps more important than ever, as many are longing for the great outdoors.

Right now we have to do everything we can to prevent STF, our 135-year-old organization, from being hit too hard. We want to continue to enable people to discover Sweden. For this to happen, our accommodations are essential. Non-profit patrons are essential in their work guiding us to new discoveries. And people who come and stay with us are essential. Right now you are vital as a member!

Saying goodbye to a loyal companion can be difficult...

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