Tram and Gothenburg city at night

Things to do in Gothenburg

Pay a visit to Gothenburg. Go on a Paddan tour along the canals, or take a ferry to the New Älvsborg Fortress in the archipelago. You can get some fresh fish in the famous Feskekörka fish market. Or relax in the lovely cafes and shops of Haga. There are endless possibilities and things do do in Gothenburg.

If you are looking for a family friendly activity, Gothenburg’s Natural History Museum is well worth a visit. Or why not climb up to the Masthugget church on Stigberget? From here you can enjoy the beautiful view. Have a look at Gothenburg’s official visitors’ guide and get inspired about things to do, see and eat! STF has hostels and hotels both inside and outside of the city center.

At Liseberg, You can have a go on Balder, one of the world´s best wooden roller coasters.

"Go on an excursion to the charming woods around Lake Delsjön. Take a picnic, barbecue some sausages or simply enjoy the tranquillity. If you want to swim, there is an excellent beach with rock slabs all around."

Tatiana Vetter, Head of Reception, STF Gothenburg City Hotel and Hostel

The archipelago boats run all year round, and if you go to the southern archipelago, you can travel on the same ticket as you use on the tram.

Find your favourite places outside of Gothenburg

You might even have time to explore a bit more of the west coast. The website has some good recommendations about what is going on in the surrounding area.

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