Family in woods on STF Signature Trail

Discover STF’s Signature Trails

Sweden offers many different hiking trails in both the mountains and lowland areas. To make it easier to plan your next hike, we have selected some of Sweden’s most spectacular trails, we call them signature trails. What makes the 12 signature trails distinctive is the beauty of their surroundings and that they are characteristic of their part of the country. Together, the 12 trails paint a broad picture of what Sweden has to offer in terms of hiking and nature.

Characteristics of a signature trail

  • The trail is beautiful and involves spectacular natural experiences.
  • The trail’s surroundings are representative of that particular part of the country.
  • The trail is accessible and can be reached by public transport, in order to reduce the environmental impact.
  • The trail is suitable for both experienced and less experienced hikers.
  • The trail is designed as a circuit, or it is easy to get to the start or from the finish.
  • The trail is at least 30 kilometres or three days and no more than 100 kilometres or seven days long.
  • There is accommodation or somewhere to spend the night along the trail.
  • The trail is quality assured, is clearly marked and has information with signs, guiding points and location markers.
  • Together, the 12 signature trails paint a broad picture of what Sweden has to offer in terms of hiking and nature.

A Swedish Hiking Classic

A Swedish Hiking Classic includes all 12 signature trails, which means that the total hike is 900 kilometres long. Do you dare take on the challenge? You do not need to hike the trails in any particular order and there is no time limit which means that it may take several years for some to complete A Swedish Hiking Classic, while others finish it quicker. You may have already done some of the hikes, in which case you are already on the way.

When you have hiked all the signature trails, contact in order to receive your certificate.

Best of luck with A Swedish Hiking Classic – and take the opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful trails in Sweden!


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