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Membership in STF

We want to ensure that everybody can experience the natural world and culture in Sweden. Today, as well as in the future. Becoming a member brings you into this, and your support is important for the work we plan to carry out together in the future.

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Period for membership
The membership is valid 12 months from the date of payment.

Residents outside of Sweden
We charge an additional postage fee of SEK 140 for members in Europe and SEK 185 for members outside of Europe. This is to cover postage of the STF magazine Turist.

This is an easy way to take a holiday, and – goodness me – Sweden’s really beautiful!



The countryside and culture in Sweden are for everybody. As a member of STF you participate in protecting the right of public access, the maintenance and improvement of hiking trails, and sustainable tourism. Everything needed to make it possible for people to discover Sweden, not only today but also in the future.


Sweden is full of people with a passion for making Sweden accessible for all. Many of our members get involved, and make it possible for others to dare to discover and learn more about the countryside and culture that belong to us all.


The STF accommodation facilities make it possible for everyone to experience what is unique about Sweden. We arrange activities both for beginners and experts, helping people to discover the realm of water, the mountains, and everything in between.

Your membership card will be sent to you in within 2-3 weeks. If you should travel soon you can also become a member on all our accomodations. Here you will find our membership terms and conditions.


Saying goodbye to a loyal companion can be difficult...

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