Free accident insurance for STF activities

If you’re a member of STF and participate in an activity arranged by STF, you are automatically covered by our accident insurance, which covers you throughout the activity. It also covers children up to age 15 in the company of a member, as well as STF activity leaders and cabin managers.

When does the insurance apply?
The policy provides cover against accidental injury the person incurs while participating in an activity arranged by STF, such as hikes, courses, group trips and local association arrangements.
It also provides cover to you as a member when you are off on your own activities during an STF holiday, for example walking between STF’s mountain stations, and when you are staying at an STF hostel or mountain facility. The policy also covers direct travel to and from the above activities.

Who does the insurance cover?
The insurance policy covers STF members and children up to age 15 in the company of a member. It also covers participants in guided STF activities and those staying at an STF facility for one or more nights.

Read more about the terms and conditions in the attached PDF.

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