Other membership benefits

When you become a STF-member here on our homepage, you will also receive the benefits below. We charge an additional postage fee of SEK 140 for members in Europe and SEK 185 for members outside of Europe. This is to cover postage of the STF magazine Turist. The additional postage fee is charged for your second and subsequent years of membership, if you choose to renew your membership.

Turist magazine
Members receive our inspiring and highly appreciated magazine of outdoor life and travel six times a year (by post). Turist takes up such topics as alternative city guides, new trends in travel such as “rust-tracking” (dilapidated relics of Sweden’s industrial heritage), accommodation close to the beaches on Öland, the best trekking trails in the world, green tourism, and many more. Note that all publications are in Swedish.

Upptäck Sverige
Upptäck Sverige is published in February every year and provides facts, inspiration and tips about all of STF’s hostels, mountain stations and mountain cabins. It is an invaluable guide and address book that makes your planning easy, providing a full overview of STF’s accommodation. The guide has been designed such that it can be used also by those who do not speak Swedish.

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