Membership terms and conditions

The Swedish Tourist Association is a non-profit-making association that works to ensure that all those who want to have the opportunity to discover Sweden and our fantastic nature and culture. We want to inspire people to travel, take part in activities and find adventure all over Sweden, and have been doing this since 1885. As a member of the Swedish Tourist Association, you are a part of the association and are therefore making a contribution to everything we achieve together. You have an opportunity to influence the association’s activities through your democratic rights, and you receive many benefits and offers as a thank you for joining in. Welcome to the association! You will find the Swedish Tourist Association’s membership terms and conditions below.

These membership terms and conditions apply between you as an individual and the Swedish Tourist Association (802003-5955), referred to below as STF. By becoming a member, you agree to these membership terms and conditions, which may subsequently be updated. This is the latest version. If you do not agree to our changes, you always have the right to terminate your membership of STF.

When you become a member of STF, we store the information you submit in your application, as well as the payment information, in our membership system. STF is the data controller for this information. You can read more about how we process your personal data and what rights you have in relation to these in our privacy policy. Your personal data is automatically encrypted 12 months after you terminate your membership and is deleted after 36 months.

If you add personal data for other people, you are also responsible for ensuring that STF is permitted to process this data in accordance with the privacy policy. This may be pertinent, for example, when applying for membership and you fill out the application for other people in addition to yourself.

You can become a member of STF from the age of five. STF has three membership categories. You are an adult member from the year you turn 26, a young person member from the year you turn 16 up to and including the age of 25 and a child member when you are aged between five and 15.

Your membership is personal and cannot be transferred or used by someone else.

If there are multiple members in one household with the same address, they automatically receive STF’s family price when the total membership fees reach a maximum amount.

STF has a rolling membership year, which means that your membership period applies for one year from the day the membership fee is registered as paid in STF’s membership system. You have right to cancel your purchase within 14 days, in accordance with the Swedish Distance and Doorstep Sales Act (2005:59), when you sign up for membership via STF’s website or via telephone. If you change your mind about membership, you can contact STF Customer Service at or by calling 08-463 21 00 before the 14-day cooling-off period runs out.

If you submit a membership application for someone other than yourself who is part of your household, they will have the same membership period as you. The same applies if you add more people in your household as STF members at a later date.

Well in advance of your current membership period ending, you will receive a notification from us in which you are offered the opportunity to continue your membership for another year.

Members have the right to be a part of STF’s democratic process from the age of 16.

When you register as a member, we send your membership card to the address you provide.
To make it simple to use your membership benefits, we have also developed digital solutions that mean you do not need to bring your physical membership card with you.

You can access your digital membership card in the following manner:
Download the STF app "STF i fjällen".

You can purchase a physical replacement card at STF’s accommodation facilities or via STF Customer Service.

We are not liable for any loss or damage due to technical faults, impaired functionality or other similar faults that relate to your membership. This does not apply to liability that cannot be excluded in accordance with mandatory legislation.

These terms and conditions enter into force in conjunction with you registering as a member and are valid until further notice.

We reserve the right to withdraw or terminate your membership of STF in the event of a reasonable suspicion of illicit use or abuse of our services, violations of our membership terms and conditions, fraud or other similar incidents and behaviour.

Our wish is for you to feel that being part of STF is something positive. If you have questions about STF and membership or have suggestions for improvements, you are always welcome to contact STF Customer Service via email or telephone 08-463 21 00.