Two hikers next to steep mountain

Mountain hiking

The Swedish mountain chain stretches from Treriksröset at the farthest north to Dalarna in the south, and offers wonderful opportunities for hiking. Hundreds of kilometres of marked trails take you into absorbing birch forests, up to spectacular peaks and along luxuriant mountainside slopes. Create your own itinerary between STF’s mountain cabins, take a guided excursion, or make day-long trips at your own pace using a comfortable mountain station as a convenient base.

Based in comfortable accommodation

A hiking adventure waits for you just outside the door of our accommodation facilities, close to nature.

Sweden’s most remote point – the point that is farthest from civilisation – is located in Padjelanta National Park.

"Mountain hiking provides space for calm contemplation. It gives you a sense of perspective about our relationship with the natural world."

Bengt Unde, cabin manager, guide and hiker

Hike from cabin to cabin

STF mountain cabins are located in sites of natural beauty, separated by 10 to 20 km along well-marked trails. The accommodation is simple and comfortable, and you share both the facility and experiences with other guests. Hike from cabin to cabin, or make a base in one cabin and take day-long excursions in the vicinity.

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