Information from STF about coronavirus

STF is prepared to welcome you this summer in accordance with the recommendations från Swedish Public Health Agency the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Based on the guidance from the health authorities we are taking a number of measures to offer guests, members, hosts and staff a safe summer. If you are planning a mountain stay, it is especially important this year that you know the conditions for booking / advance payment, selection, service and assortment on site. Below you will find important information.

This page was last updated on 1 July 2020

If you want to know what kind a accommodations a specific lodging has made to increase the safety for you and other guests, you are most welcome to call the lodging directly and they will tell you more.

Below you will find information about what to expect from us. What we expect from you is that you follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority. Both for your safety and the safety of others.

Examples of what STF does to protect guests and staff during the coronavirus outbreak

  • We follow guidance from the Swedish Public Health Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • All STF’s accommodations, local chapters and staff have been given information about covid-19, along with instructions and directions.
  • We act according to routines that have been established, which will apply in the event of a case of covid-19 at any of our accommodations.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness are always a priority to us. We have now further strengthened our routines for cleaning, washing and hygiene.
  • Increased focus on hand hygiene.
  • Regular disinfection of frequently used surfaces such as door handles, reception desk, bathrooms/showers, guest kitchens, light switches, elevator buttons and other places that guests use regularly.
  • Hand disinfection is often available to guests in public areas.
  • We have established routines in case of illnesses among employees.

STF's 44 mountain huts along the hiking trails

STF's mountain cabins will open as planned from June 18th and onwards (see respective cabin for detailed information). The exception is the cabins on the Kvikkjokk trail (Sitojaure, Aktse, Pårte) which will open on July 3rd. Pältsa opens on July 23rd. In order to be able to welcome you and other guests to our mountain huts safely during this summer, we have made a number of changes. These changes are necessary in order for us to have the mountain cabins open and we hope for your support and your understanding.

  • Update yourself on the latest recommendations from the Public Health Authority.
  • We introduce restrictions on the number of guests staying overnight based on the size of the mountain hut and only accept guests who have booked and paid their overnight stay on the current date and mountain hut.
  • As far as possible, only guests from the same party are allowed to share rooms.
  • It is mandatory to bring your own bedding set including sheet, pillowcase, as well as a sleeping bag or duvet cover for existing quilts. Only travel sheets are not allowed.
  • There are restrictions on how many people can be in the kitchen, shops and common areas at one time.
  • Every guest fetch his or her own drinking water in their own bucket.
  • There are improved handwashing opportunities at the fireplace, in the kitchen and at the entrance to the cabin.
  • Saunas will be closed due to safety reasons.
  • Guests sleeping in tents pay a service fee and receives access to the kitchen between 9 am and 5.30 pm. The fee is paid at the location.
  • Bring your own water bottle, towel / washcloth, own hand sanitizer and preferably stay with the same people throughout the hike to reduce the number of contacts.
  • It is of most importance that you follow the cabin manager’s and STF's instructions for how the cottage works and that you respect the specified times.

You as a guest must take a great deal of your own responsibility for both your own routines and the routines STF has set up. Together we can make this work and enable the mountain cabins to be open in the summer.

STF’s mountain stations

(applies to Grövelsjön, Helags, Storulvån, Blåhammaren, Sylarna, Saltoluokta, Kebnekaise, Ritsem and Abisko.)

STF's mountain stations will open as planned on June 18th with the exception of Saltoluokta which will only open on July 3rd and so will the boat traffic there. Ritsem opens on June 26th. According to the previous plan, the boat traffic at Ritsem will be carried out by company other than STF.

In addition to the general adjustments you can read about above, these are other adjustments made at the mountain stations:

Less crowded and cashless stations
This summer we have reduced the amount of available beds in order to avoid crowding and the risk of transmitting infection. Book your stay in advance to secure your bed. We will also go cashless on our mountain huts this summer in order to further reduce the risk of infection via cash handling.

Simpler concepts for our restaurants
We redesign and simplify our restaurant concepts. This will apply throughout the summer season. All mountain stations will offer a good breakfast with the opportunity to buy lunch packages that you pack yourself. Easier lunches will be served. For dinner one delicious main course with focus on local produce is offered with an optional dessert. However, STF Blåhammaren will keep its classic three course dinner and Helags and Sylarna will offer their regular dinner concepts. The shops at the mountain stations will be open, though with a slightly smaller selection.

Changes regarding self-catering and saunas
This summer we will have time schedules for our self-catering facilities in order to avoid crowding. Tent visitors are welcome between 9 AM and 5.30 PM. Saunas will generally be closed this summer in order to avoid crowding and risk for infection.

Group activities
All guided tours and group events that run over several days will be canceled during this summer season. Instead, we make an extra effort to enable you as a guest to discover on your own, or to participate in shorter guided day trips. All day activities with guide, Fjälluffa as well activities without guide will remain. We will soon add more guided day activities in Abisko, Grövelsjön and Storulvån. It will also be possible to hire a private guide in Grövelsjön and in Storulvån. And as usual, we share lots of ideas on activities you can do on your own. You will find the ideas both on our web and at our mountain stations. Guests who have booked a guided tour with an overnight stay will be contacted by STF with alternative suggestions.

Our other lodgings
STF has about 250 different lodgings all over Sweden. During these times they make many adjustments to make your stay with us safe. The adjustments vary between lodgings but examples are check-ins without physical contact, schedules in the guest kitchen, reduced number of available rooms, own access to shower/WC, direct access to the rooms, own cabin, table-served breakfast instead of buffet, possibility of outdoor cooking and extra cleaning.

We now hope for your understanding and your help. We are living in an uncertain time, but with the above adjustments and a joint responsibility we are able to keep our lodgings open this summer. Thank you!

This information may be updated and is valid until otherwise stated.

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