Kebnekaise mountain station and cabins resuming regular operations

On August 18th, we are resuming regular operations at Kebnekaise Mountain Station and the mountain cabins along the northern King's Trail.

No new cases of stomach illness have been reported since we reopened on August 10th, either at the mountain station or the cabins along the northern King’s Trail. Additionally, we have now passed the peak season, resulting in fewer guests in general. Therefore, we have assessed that we can now return to normal operations and reopen the mountain station and cabins for both lodging guests and campers. Some enhanced routines were implemented at Kebnekaise in connection with the stomach illness outbreak, and we are maintaining these. The mountain station has also added more toilets and sinks. Service hosts are greeting guests outdoors to welcome them, provide information about the operations, and remind them of the importance of good hand hygiene with soap and water.

This means that starting from August 18th, we are once again accepting new bookings for accommodations, activities, and meals at Kebnekaise Mountain Station. Likewise, full service is reintroduced for campers, including access to the restaurant and store, as well as the possibility to use toilets and other facilities within the regular service fee. Similarly, at all mountain cabins, we are opening up for new bookings and full service for campers and day visitors again.

We wish all our guests a wonderful mountain stay. Take care of yourself and show respect for both nature and other guests.

Saying goodbye to a loyal companion can be difficult...

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