Stay at an STF Hotel

STF’s hotels are to be found out in the beautiful countryside, in the mountains, on the rocks and by the sea, or in the city. Like the other types of accommodation we provide, our hotels are unique and tailored to the individual. A long way from the large-scale and anonymous variety. What you’ll find instead is your little spa hotel on the coast, your little bed-and-breakfast or your little inn out in the country. The accommodation can be a part of the adventure here as well – when you spend the night in a yurt in the middle of a beech forest, for instance. Whatever the type of accommodation, you’ll always get the same service with a personal touch.

If you stay at a hotel, your bed will obviously already have been made for you when you arrive, and there are fine communal spaces where you can meet other people. Some of them also have a restaurant or a café, whereas some only provide breakfast. Some of the hotels provide both hotel and hostel accommodation, which means you can choose whichever you prefer. Flexible to suit your requirements.

In Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Åre the accommodation is managed by STF itself, whereas all the other facilities are run by individual entrepreneurs who collaborate with STF. They are carefully selected for their dedication and proven hosting abilities, while at the same time they each have a unique feature of their own.  So you can be sure that you are always going to be taken care of by a dedicated and knowledgeable team that provides service with a personal touch and gives you some excellent recommendations as to what you can hope to discover in the local area.

STF’s hotels are an excellent option, no matter whether you are travelling for leisure or for business. If you are travelling with a large group, you can rent the whole facility and have it exclusively to yourselves for your meeting, conference or activity camp.

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