Stay at an STF Mountain Cabin

STF’s mountain cabins are located in areas of outstanding natural beauty 10 to 20 kilometres apart along well-marked skiing and walking trails. Staying in a mountain cabin means your accommodation is simple but fun – you share both space and experiences with other visitors. There are no advance bookings.


When you come to STF’s mountain cabins, you are met by a cabin manager who will welcome you, explain how everything works and take your payment if you have not already paid in advance. Everybody lends a hand with household tasks – as a visitor you will chop wood, fetch water from the stream or lake, wash up and clean up after yourself.

The cabins have no electricity or running water, and the toilet is a dry toilet. The rooms are of different sizes and are usually heated by gas stoves. You sleep in bunk beds. There are blankets and pillows available, but you need to take your own travel bed linen (or sleeping bag).

Our communal visitors’ kitchens are where people get together in the mornings and evenings. This is where you prepare food, and exchange ideas and advice with other skiers and walkers. You may even meet people who become friends for life.

Most mountain cabins have shops that stock a range of staple products. There is often a wood-fired sauna as well (see exact information relating to each specific mountain cabin). All mountain cabins have rooms for visitors with dogs.

You cannot book your bed in advance at our mountain cabins, but you can make an advance payment via our website to get a better price and avoid taking cash with you into the mountains. We will always try to arrange floor space for you in our mountain cabins if you don’t have a tent and all the beds are taken. If the beds are all taken, there are extra mattresses available and there is also the option of sleeping two in a bed. If we run out of extra mattresses, the alternative is a bed on the floor on a sleeping mat.


The price of an overnight stay may vary through the season and between different areas and sections of trails. You will find the price list here.

Accommodation and facility fees are paid to the cabin manager if you have not already paid in advance via our website. You can read more about payment at mountain cabins here.


Inform STF in advance if you are travelling with a larger group of ten or more and you intend to stay overnight in a mountain cabin. This will make it easier to arrange where people are going to sleep and give the members of your group a better chance of being allocated accommodation together. (A place to sleep in an STF mountain cabin does not mean you are booking a bed or a room. A place to sleep means a regular bed or a sleeping space on the floor with access to a mattress, pillow and blanket.) Email to register your group.


The mountain cabins’ opening times are divided into two seasons. The winter season runs from the end of February to the end of April/beginning of May. The summer season varies from Midsummer to the middle or end of September. Mountain cabins’ opening times may vary from one region to the next. Some mountain cabins in Jämtland are also open over the New Year.

In both the summer and winter seasons, opening times vary depending on the region and section of trail. However, there are safety facilities where it is possible to stay overnight all year round. The safety facilities have a telephone hotline that you can use to get in touch with the mountain rescue services if you should need them.


The mountains extend across a vast area, and, depending on how you plan your adventure, you might come across large lakes and rivers. There are timetables available, as well as contact details and other information about boat services in the mountains.


STF wants to continue to inspire you and make you feel good when you stay in the mountains and visit our shops in mountain cabins off the beaten track. We have improved and updated the range of goods available in our mountain cabins and refurbished the interiors. You can read more about our mountain shops here.


All STF members now get free day visits to STF’s mountain cabins. A day visit means that for a number of hours in the middle of the day, you may use the cabin’s kitchen, toilet and drying room.

STF’s mountain cabins are located in areas of outstanding natural beauty 10–20 km apart along well-marked summer and winter trails.