Mountain cabin below steep hills

Staying in a mountain cabin

STF’s mountain cabins are a simpler type of accommodation along the trails, far from the road. Here, your space and experiences will be shared with other guests. Your only other neighbor is the surrounding nature. The feeling of freedom comes partly from doing your own cooking, fetching water and lighting the fireplace by yourself.


In our mountain cabins, you will be welcomed by a cabin host who is ready to answer questions and explain how the cabin stay works.  Here, far from the road, there is no electricity or running water, so the outhouse is the place to go. We all help each other by carrying firewood and refilling water. The rooms are different sizes, and most are gas stove heated. You will sleep comfortably in our bunk beds. Duvets and pillows are available at the mountain cabin. We recommend taking your own bedsheet and pillowcase, as well as a sleeping bag, travel sheet or duvet cover. For your own hygiene and safety, you should be able to cover all your bedding.


We recommend our guests to pre-book accommodation in our mountain cabins. Bookings and repayments must be made for the specific date and cabin. Click here to make an online booking. The number of beds available for pre-booking is limited and depends on the type of cabin/area, so they may be fully booked. When you pre-book your stay, you will receive a special discounted advance price, and you are guaranteed a bed as long as you arrive at the cabin no later than 18:00. Later arrivals are guaranteed an unspecified bed. Your booking confirmation must be printed and shown to the cabin host on arrival. If you do not have the opportunity to make an advance booking, you can still pay on arrival. In that case you will be given an unspecified bed, which could mean a floor bed in the mountain cabin or a different indoor space. Unspecified beds are normally allocated after 18:00. Kindly note that tent sites and day visits are not available for pre-booking and that service fees must be paid to the cabin host on arrival.

Further down on this page is an overview of our areas, and from there you can pre-book accommodation at your preferred mountain cabins.


The price of an overnight stay depends on the season, area and specific trail section. Day visitors and campers pay service charges. Prices, more information about payment in the mountain cabin and service charges can be found here. Access to kitchen, drying room and other facilities in the cabin except for bedrooms is included in the service fee for campers and day visitors.


Opening hours are divided into two seasons in the mountain cabins. The winter season runs from the end of February until the end of April/beginning of May. The summer season runs from around the middle of June until the middle/end of September. During both the summer and winter seasons, the mountain cabins opening hours vary in different regions and trail sections.

Opening hours for our mountain cabins 2023

Flexible booking conditions

When you book through our website, you will always be given flexible booking conditions, regardless of changes to your own holiday plans or the world around you.

Information about our booking conditions


All our mountain cabins have rooms for guests with dogs, but these cannot be pre-booked. We always do our best to accommodate your dog in our cabins, but these rooms are very popular and subject to availability. If many dogs are staying at the cabin at the same time, it may sometimes be necessary to split up a party so that one person stays with the dog while the rest of the party stays in a different room. If you want to be 100% guaranteed of staying with your dog, it can be a good idea to take a small one-man tent that you can use if needed.

More information can be found here.

Safety room at mountain cabins

When mountain cabins are closed for the year, there is a safety room where it is possible to stay in emergency situations all year round (except for Abisko, Grövelsjön och Vakkotavare). These facilities can not be used for overnight stays on planned excursions. If you plan to do a mountain hike when the cabins are closed, you must bring a tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, outdoor kitchen and food for the entire trip. All security rooms are very spartan. Emergency telephones, which go directly to the rescue service and police, are available in some cabins, but not in all.

Ferry service in the mountains

Depending on how you plan your adventure, you may come across lakes and rivers where you need ferry services. Read timetables, contact details and other information here.


Minimize the amount of trash and food waste. Clean, compress and sort all the recycling. Bring your portable trash with you. Read more on what waste you may leave at our cabins and what you need to carry down from the mountain.


STF wants to inspire you and make your stay in the mountains comfortable. This is why we have improved and updated the range of goods available in our mountain cabins. We have also refurbished the interiors. You can read more about our mountain shops here.


If you want to book several accommodations in one go, the easiest way is by opening the relevant accommodations in separate browser tabs. Choose the date for each accommodation, enter the number of guests and continue until your accommodations is added to the shopping cart. All your selections are saved in one cart, even when using multiple tabs. When you are ready to pay, proceed to payment in one of the tabs, and your selections will appear there. Your selections are kept for a total of 30 minutes.

Here you can pre-book your unspecified bed in each cabin.


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