Mountain station from birds-eye perspective

Stay at an STF Mountain station

STF's mountain stations are the ideal starting point for your adventure. There are shared guest kitchens where you can cook, relax and get to know other guests. Housekeeping and meals can be booked in advance, and you can either bring bed linen or rent them on site. In other words, you choose your own level of convenience and price. Welcome to the breathtaking Swedish mountains!

What is a mountain station?

A mountain station is a marvellous cross between mountain hotel, hostel and bed-and-breakfast. What they have in common is that they occupy unique sites in the beautiful mountain ranges, often near nature reserves and national parks. They are all located at the start or along the route of walking or skiing trails. This makes a mountain station the natural starting point for trips around the mountains, during winter or summer.

Accomodation and facilities

STF Mountain stations offer many types of accommodation – from simple rooms with bunk beds to hotel-standard rooms with en-suite shower and WC facilities. The standard of the rooms varies from one mountain station to the next.

If the weather is bad, we try to offer emergency sleeping arrangements on the floor when we are fully-booked. This way we accommodate people who don’t have tents with them. But we may run out of mattresses, so we always recommend that you book your overnight stay in advance.

The reception and sports staff can help you with ideas and guidance ahead of day trips. You can spend time in the common room, sit in front of the fire, read, enjoy other people’s company and discuss where you plan to go next.

Flexible booking conditions

When you book through our website, you will always be given flexible booking conditions, regardless of changes to your own holiday plans or the world around you.

Information about our booking conditions

Ferry service in the mountains

Depending on how you plan your adventure, you may come across lakes and rivers where you need ferry services. Read timetables, contact details and other information here.

View schedules and info

Food and restaurants

All mountain stations have self-catering kitchens, should you want to prepare your own food. They also all have fully licensed restaurants where you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee/tea/snacks during the day.


If you plan to visit with your pet, keep in mind that there are only a limited number of rooms allowed for pets/dogs, so it is important that you book these in advance. When you book online you will see if these specific rooms are available or not. If no rooms allowed for pets/dog are available, please try another date or accommodation.


All mountain stations have shops of differing sizes, where you can buy things like food, sports equipment and souvenirs. The products differ from one place to the next.

Sports equipment rental

The larger mountain stations have sports equipment, wet-weather gear, rucksacks, tents, skis, safety equipment, etc. available to rent. They often provide guided tours and other activities that you can sign up for as a visitor. More information, including how to book, is available on the website of each mountain station.

Prices, opening hours and seasonal information

The winter season lasts from the end of February until the end of April, or beginning of May. The summer season lasts from mid June until the middle/end of September. Opening hours of mountain stations may differ from one region to the next. Some mountain stations stay open over the New Year and others are open all year round. We recommend booking in advance.

Prices may vary between different mountain stations and at different times of the year. STF members will always get the lowest prices – have a look at the current price list! STF members are sometimes offered discounts for meals and products in their shops, as well as the cost of hiring certain sports equipment. Fees are charged to campers and people who only use the facilities during the day.

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