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Winter near mountain cabin in Lappland

Payment at mountain cabins

There are three ways to pay for your stay at our mountain cabins: on the website, with a debit or credit card, or in cash. If you pre-pay online you get the best price. Not all cabins are able to accept card payments – listed below are the ones that do. Please read on to find out more about different payment methods.

Advance online payment

You can pay for your stay in advance on our website. It is easy to do and the price is better than when you pay on the spot. Please note that you are not booking a specific bed or a room – you are pre-paying for an unspecified sleeping space. An unspecified sleeping space means a regular bed, or a comfortable floor space, with a mattress, blanket and pillow. You need to bring your own bed linen or a sleeping bag. Please print your booking confirmation, bring it with you and show it to the cabin manager when you arrive. If you have not paid in advance via our website, you can pay for accommodation and service charges directly to the cabin manager.

Whether you pre-pay or not, you are always guaranteed somewhere to sleep in the mountain cabins.

Find accomodation in specific area.

Prices and service charges

In order for us to offer good service in the mountain cabins, overnight guests are charged a fee. Day visitors who are not members pay a service charge. Those who camp next to our mountain cabins pay a tent fee. Read complete price list.

Overnight stay in our mountain cabins
When you stay the night at an STF mountain cabin, the fee we charge depends on the season and area. STF members who pre-pay on the website get the best price. Member prices from 400 SEK a night.

Use mountain cabin facilities during the day
When you take a break for up to three hours at the mountain cabins, you can use the kitchen, drying room and toilets. Non-members pay a service charge. The rate depends on whether you are on the Kungsleden trail or in a different region. All members of STF can go for free day visits to STF’s mountain cabins. Service charges from 100 SEK a night.

Camp next to the mountain cabin
There is a tent fee charged per person and day. The rate depends on whether you are walking along the Kungsleden trail or in other mountain region. Member prices from 150 SEK a night.

Debit or credit card payment

Large areas of the mountains have no mobile signal, and that is why it is difficult for us to provide card payments everywhere. For the time being, you can pay with a debit or credit card in the following mountain cabins:

Rogen region: Rogen
Jämtland: Arådalen, Gåsen, Lunndörren, Stensdalen och Vålåstugan.
Vindelfjällen: Aigert, Syter och Viterskalet.
Lapplandsfjällen: Abiskojaure, Alesjaure, Tjäktja, Sälka, Singi, Kaitumjaure, Teusajaure, Vakkotavare, Sitojaure, Aktse och Akka.

You can pay by card at our mountain stations in Abisko, Kebnekaise, Saltoloukta, Kvikkjokk, Ritsem, Storulvån, Helags, Sylarna, Blåhammaren, Vålådalen, Edsåsdalen, Ramundberget and Grövelsjön.

Cash payment

You can pay with cash at all STF mountain cabins. We accept Euros, as well as Danish and Norwegian krone. However, we recommend that you exchange your currency at a bank beforehand, because you will find the exchange rate we offer is less competitive.


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