Policy for cancelling or changing bookings due to coronavirus

To help protect guests, staff and members, the Swedish Tourist Association is closely monitoring the development of coronavirus, Covid-19. Most of the STF accommodations that should be open this time of year remain open. However, STF's mountain cabins have closed down early this winter season due to the coronavirus. The mountain stations Blåhammaren, Grövelsjön, Helags, Kebnekaise, Saltoluokta, Storulvån and Sylarna closed for the winter on 19 April. Abisko mountain station remains open to self-catering guests.

We are taking all reasonable precautions at our lodgings so that you as a guest can feel safe while staying with us.

An appeal from STF

One way or another, we are all affected by the coronavirus crisis. The impact on STF is substantial. Presently, we are doing everything we can to survive. STF is fundamentally a non-profit organization and the revenue financing our business mainly comes from accommodations and membership fees. Once this crisis is over – and we know it will eventually pass – we believe it will be more important than ever for people to discover Sweden, experience nature and enjoy the great outdoors. At that point we want to be there for you and everyone else. Just as we want to continue our work here and now. We are cutting spending as much as possible. We are putting important development projects on hold. We understand that some guests prefer to cancel their stay, which is why we always offer a fair cancellation policy. Right now many people feel this policy is not generous enough, but we hope the above text paints a picture of the situation we are in.


If you as a guest, based on the current circumstances, decide to cancel your stay, STF’s regular cancellation policy applies. The cancellation policy for your specific booking can be found in your booking confirmation. Please log into “My Booking” with the login details from your confirmation e-mail if you may want to cancel your stay.

If the local authorities in your home country have implemented a travel ban in response to the coronavirus, we recommend that you contact your insurance company for possible compensation.

If you added cancellation coverage via STF at the time of booking, you can cancel according to our regular policy. A valid medical certification must be provided, even if you belong to a high-risk group. Without cancellation coverage, STF can not refund your cancellation on the basis of illness or being part of a high-risk group. We would recommend that you contact your insurance company for possible compensation.

Changing your booking

If you have booked/paid for a stay in STF's mountain cabins or mountain stations in Grövelsjön, Saltoluokta, Abisko, Kebnekaise, Storulvån, Helags, Blåhammaren, Ritsem or Sylarna, with check-in dates before 26 April 2020, you can change your booking free of charge. This way, you get to spend the value of your booking on a future stay with us, either this summer next winter season. This policy applies whether you have paid for STF's cancellation coverage or not. You are welcome to change your booking until 30 September 2020 and can arrive no later than 26 April 2021.

To change your booking in our mountain accommodations, please e-mail our mountain booking service (Fjällbokningen) and include your name and booking number. Make sure to contact us no later than 18.00 the day before the arrival date confirmed in your existing booking.

No refund is made if the price of the new booking is lower than previously. If the price of the new booking is higher, you as the guest pay the difference.

Bookings for other STF accommodations follow our regular cancellation policy. To find out more about changing your booking, please get in touch with the relevant property directly.

The above guidelines refer to individual bookings (not group bookings) made on our website or through our mountain booking service.

Bookings made through other booking channels

If you booked with an online travel agency such as Booking.com or Expedia, their terms and conditions apply. Please contact the relevant booking channel for information on their cancellation policy.

This information is accurate until otherwise stated and may be updated at a later date.


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