Staying at a STF hostel

You find STF hostels throughout the whole of Sweden – and where you least expect them. Relax with the smell of seaweed and the sea outside the window, in peaceful countryside, or in the centre of the city. Our hostels take you to places that inspire trips of discovery in the surroundings, no matter whether you are looking for peace and quiet or new challenges.

This form of accommodation has been continually developed to keep pace with changes in society, ever since STF came up with the idea in 1933. The dormitories and compulsory housekeeping duty are now gone. Today, we offer single, double and family rooms, with or without en suite facilities. It is possible to book a bed in a shared room in some locations. You can always cook for yourself in the members’ kitchen, and there is often a friendly common room where you can meet other guests in front of an open fire or a well-filled bookshelf. This is because communal areas are important in STF hostels, and the members’ kitchen is a natural centre.

Some hostels are managed in combination with hotels. In this case, you can choose between hotel standard with full service and classical hostel accommodation. You can also choose a combination of the two. We can provide just what you want.

STF hostels offer flexible accommodation that attracts many different types of guest, all year round. Our hostels are an excellent alternative, no matter whether you are travelling for leisure or for business. You can rent the complete building when travelling with a group, and the complete facility will then be for your exclusive use during the meeting, conference or gathering.

The majority of STF hotels are operated by nearly 300 independent entrepreneurs in the form of franchising, where STF sets the standard and is responsible for quality assurance. The hostels are assessed in a special hostel classification scheme (2016) by Svensk Klassificering – which is part of the hotel industry organisation Visita. The classification is presented in the form of 1 to 5 stars, in the same way as hotel classification.

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