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STF Mountain shops - Shop off the beaten track

STF wants to continue to inspire you and make you feel good when you stay in the mountains and visit our shops in mountain cabins off the beaten track. In 2016, we improved and updated the range of goods available at our mountain cabins and refurbished the interiors.

Our aim is to improve your experience of your mountain trip by providing a range of products in our shops that is suitable and sustainable, recommendations of mountain menus, access to herbs and spices for food preparation, and customer service tailored to the individual, so that you are in the best position to prepare a meal of your own off the beaten track.

Our concept, STF mountain shops off the beaten track, centres on three watchwords: Genuine – Sustainable – Demand.

By Genuine we mean our cabin managers’ dedication to the service they provide, and that we safeguard every mountain cabin shop’s unique features. All to improve your experience off the beaten track.

By Sustainable we mean that the range of products in our shops takes account of the environment as best we can ensure in our particular circumstances.
By Demand we mean that we are listening to you and to our other mountain visitors and provide a range of products based on what there is demand for and what people request.


The range of products in our shops is at three levels: Large, Medium and Small.

The range of products in shops breaks down into five categories:

  • Breakfast
  • Supper/Lunch
  • Biscuits/Sweets/Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Hygiene/Laundry care products/Miscellaneous/Promotional products

All the products in the range are stocked based on demand, taking into account packaging, storage and delivery issues, and the environment. We have discontinued glass packaging completely and strive to reduce small plastic packaging and packaging that contains aluminium. The products in our mountain shops that stock a Large range should be at least 30% KRAV (certified organic), organic or Fairtrade.

STF Mountain cabins with a Large range
Large means that the mountain cabin has an extensive range that provides you with a wide selection of products. This includes options to suit vegetarians and people with a gluten or lactose intolerance, and drinks. The cabins that have a Large range are: Aktse, Alesjaure, Lunndörren, Rogen, Stensdalen, Sälka and Tärnasjö.

STF Mountain cabins with a Medium range
Medium means that the mountain cabin has a wide range of products that give you the opportunity to choose various different types of dishes. This includes options to suit vegetarians and people with a gluten or lactose intolerance, and drinks. The cabins that have a Medium range are: Abiskojaure, Aigert, Gåsen, Kaitumjaure, Vakkotavare, Viterskalet and Vålåstugan.

STF Mountain cabins with a Small range
Small means that the mountain cabin has a limited range of products, but which should still enable you to prepare a complete meal. You can also buy drinks here. The cabins that have a Small range are: Anaris, Arådalen, Fältjägaren, Pieskehaure, Skedbro, Storrödtjärn, Såmmarlappa, Tarrekaise, Teusajaure, Unna Allakas and Vistas.


All mountain shops have the same price list for the whole of our range. This is always on display on the shop shelf and at the checkout counter in every mountain shop. In addition, every product has a price tag that also shows which products are organic (green tags).

To facilitate the handling of cash and change, all prices are in “whole krona”. Our prices are somewhat higher than regular convenience stores and mini-supermarkets. This is due partly to repackaging and delivery/shop-stocking issues involved in getting the products all the way to our shop shelves off the beaten track.

You can read more about our “workflow schedule” at the mountain shops and here on the Web – it provides a simple explanation with text and images of how our products are delivered all the way from the supplier to the shop shelf, and how we deal with the sorting of waste at our mountain cabins. Our prices, our range of products and the selection we offer are adapted accordingly.

Unfortunately we are not able to guarantee that all our products will be in stock but we do our best.

See the whole product chain

From ordering and transport to the sorting of waste and recycling.


In running the STF mountain shops, we make a particular effort to focus on sustainability. By sustainable we mean that we strive to sell, deliver and offer products that are environment-friendly. Our objective is to be environmentally smart at every stage, from procurement, transport and deliveries to our choice of products and packaging.

In the mountains, we want to avoid unnecessarily large packaging and opt for the light variety, but at the same time we do not want to see small plastic packaging littering the environment either. It’s a challenge. As a step in our efforts to reduce small plastic packaging in favour of better packaging solutions, we have started to sell pasta, porridge oats, nuts and lentils loose by weight. You simply buy exactly the amount you need on the spot.

Another example of STF’s sustainability efforts is that we provide herbs and spices, mustard and certified organic ketchup to go with meals that are prepared and eaten at the mountain cabins. These are kept in the spice rack in the self-catering kitchen and are available to all mountain visitors.

Packaging of all kinds is something that impacts heavily on the environment. As well as reducing the amount of packaging, we must also manage how we take care of the packaging that is generated. In 2016, STF collaborated with Håll Sverige Rent (Keep Sweden Clean) and Gröna/Vita bandet (White and Green Ribbons) in a campaign called “Keeping the mountains clean”. The campaign provided information on the right to roam and on the importance of everyone out in the mountains taking care of their own rubbish.

We gave out a free rubbish bag to all mountain visitors who came into our mountain shops. This meant that every single person was able take their own rubbish away. Back at the STF mountain cabin or STF mountain station, visitors could then sort out their packaging, and we at STF took care of the rubbish. Read more about “Keep the mountains tidy” here.

We look forward to doing business with you in our mountain shops off the beaten track!


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