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Support STF during coronavirus crisis

Since 1885 we have inspired countless journeys and made it possible for more people to discover Sweden. Now STF are facing our biggest challenge to date. We are in an critical situation as we struggle to save our 135-year-old organization.

An important part of STF, and a key factor in enabling people to discover Sweden, is that we offer accommodation up and down the country. Our work is mainly financed through the income of these accommodations, as well as membership fees. Right now, the former is almost non-existent. The coronavirus outbreak presents a number of major challenges and very seriously impacts STF and our economy. We are currently forced to make many difficult decisions to save the organization. This is why we need you more than ever!

Make a donation

You can support us by donating any amount to our bank account (Bankgiro), or by making a Swish payment. A general donation to STF goes towards funding our work and helping us save the organization. We will not keep your information on file or send you a gift certificate, so we want to thank you straight away. Many thanks for your contribution!

Swish: 123 615 21 77         Bankgiro: 726-9533


If you live abroad and want to support us, you can use the following bank details for international payments:

IBAN: SE36 8000 0832 7900 3737 8734

Please write “gift” as a payment reference.

Become a member

As a member, you contribute by paying your membership fee. You also make us a stronger organization through your vote. If you are already a member, please make sure to renew your membership when offered the opportunity.

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Facts about our financial situation

  • STF has lost almost SEK 40 million in revenue this spring, compared to last year.
  • Because of STF's generous cancellation policy, we are refunding large amounts every day.
  • The fundraising campaign Support STF has so far raised SEK 2,9 million (20/04/06). An incredible result!
  • We are currently making dramatic cuts within the organization, in order to stop the financial bleeding.
  • At STF's head office, almost 60 percent of staff has been made redundant or entered into short-term working contracts.
  • All projects that can be discontinued have been, which has reduced our expenditure by more than SEK 5 million this year.
  • Despite the successful fundraising campaign, we need to borrow money from the bank to manage our running expenses in the near future.
  • All proceeds from gifts, membership fees and gift cards help us reduce the size of STF's loans.
Support us by donating any amount to bank account (Bankgiro) 726-9533 or by making a Swish payment to 123 615 21 77. We will not keep your information on file or send you a gift certificate, so we want to thank you straight away. Many thanks for your contribution!

Thank you for your support and commitment!

STF's operations are governed by, and based on, STF's guidelines. These are approved by our Assembly on issues regarding tourism, outdoor activities, the natural world and the cultural heritage. When we collect money, it funds activities and initiatives that make Sweden's nature and culture accessible to everyone. Today as well as tomorrow.


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