Vandrare med ryggsäck i fjällen

STF makes the inaccessible accessible

STF is a voluntary organisation with deep roots within Swedish tourism based on the natural world and cultural heritage. We have fostered tourism in Sweden and our unique Swedish environment for over 130 years. You can support our work in several ways. Support a fundraising project or become a member. And becoming a member pays off – you receive a number of benefits such as discounts on accommodation and activities, and other special offers. In addition, you contribute to maintaining a living tourism industry focused on our cultural heritage and the natural world. Together we can make a difference!

What does STF work for?

Our activities are based on and guided by our guidelines. We are currently focussing on four issues that we feel deeply about.

  • Infrastructure

  • The right of public access

  • Sustainable tourism

  • Access to trails

How can you contribute?

We are stronger together, and there are several ways in which you can contribute to our work.


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