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Sustainable STF

Imagine Sweden as a country in which it is simple and inspiring to take a holiday in a sustainable manner. This is the goal of STF. We want to inspire tourism based on respect for the natural and cultural environment, tourism that is built on curiosity and the joy of discovery. We hope that our vision - encouraging people to discover Sweden - will bring people closer together, while at the same time increasing commitment for the preservation of natural and cultural values.

We know that our members and many others want to be able to take a holiday in a sustainable manner in Sweden. It is thus an important task for us to make this possible. This means, among other things, that we shall continue to defend the right of public access and work for the preservation of natural and cultural values. It is just as important that we ensure that everyone is able to access the natural and cultural environments in Sweden by simplifying, adapting and meeting new groups.

We are working hard at our facilities, but we can be even better in making transport efficient, managing waste, and decreasing energy consumption. Our operations are in many cases an important source of income for local businesses. We are present throughout the whole of Sweden and thus contribute to providing employment and economic development in the whole country.

Our work with sustainability permeates our operations, and is included in our internal organisation, our accommodation facilities and activities, and our roll as shaper of opinion for a sustainable development of society. All our facilities shall take the STF sustainability pledge where we promise our guests high efforts within society engagement, energy efficiency and waste management amongst others. You may read the full Sustainability pledge here.

For more information please contact our Head of Sustainability at

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