Person njuter av midnattssol i Abisko

The Midnight Sun

Long, bright summer nights are a unique part of northern Sweden. During the summer months, the sun shines around the clock, providing a unique chance to experience nature in a completely new way. It is something quite special to go hiking, swimming and camping outdoors when the sun never sets. Below is some practical information that will let you experience the midnight sun in the best possible way.

What is midnight sun?

The midnight sun is a phenomenon that can be observed above the Arctic Circle in summer, as the sun never dips below the horizon. In other words, it is light during all hours of the day and night. The midnight sun is at its strongest around the summer solstice (when the sun is at its highest), around June 21. This light phenomenon has fascinated people for centuries and has figured prominently in the culture and traditions of the northern parts of Sweden.

dates on when you can experience the midnight sun in Sweden

Where can I experience the midnight sun?

As you go further north, the midnight sun gets brighter and longer. The midnight sun can be observed in many Swedish cities, from around Luleå and further north. Two places where you can be pretty much guaranteed midnight sun are Abisko and Kebnekaise. Abisko Tourist Station lets you take the cable car up to the Aurora Sky Station and continue on foot to the peak of Nuolja, 1164 meters above sea level, and enjoy the stunning view in the light of the midnight sun.

Vacker vy i midnattssol från Abisko

Best places for midnight sun:
Location: Height:  Period: Best time:
Vallespiken  1388 m  4/6-9/7  12.40 AM
Lulep Kierkau  1187 m  2/6-12/7  12.48 AM
Porjus  370 m  5/6-8/7  12.43 AM
Dundret  823 m  4/6-9/7  12.40 AM
Kebnekaise  2097 m  29/5-15/7  12.48 AM
Abisko/Njulla  1163 m  27/5-18/7  12.47 AM
Abisko  385 m  12/6-4/7  12.47 AM
Riksgränsen  520 m  26/5-18/7  12.49 AM
Karesuando  330 m  26/5-18/7  12.32 AM
Pältsa  1448 m  23/5-21/7  12.41 AM

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