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This is how STF works with fundraising

STF engages in fundraising in order to be able to promote, nurture and develop tourism based on the natural world and cultural heritage effectively in Sweden. Support our work by paying a freely chosen amount into our account at Plusgiro, 117608-0. Only is special cases will STF accept donations that are earmarked for a particular purpose. In the interests of transparency, we provide here STF’s policy with respect to fundraising.

Ethical and moral principles

STF’s fundraising projects are to be based on high ethical and moral principles. STF is always to be open, honest and transparent. All donations are voluntary and are to take place according to conditions laid down by the donor. STF bases its procedures on the principle that apply to 90-accounts. Our fundraising activities are based on the following principles:

  • marketing is to be ethical and economically sound
  • information is to be impartial and factual
  • fundraising activities may not be subject to unreasonable costs
  • funds collected are to be used and are to benefit the intended purpose without unnecessary costs
  • at least 75% of funds collected are to be used for the intended purpose
  • a maximum of 25% of the funds collected may be used to cover the costs of fundraising
  • the purpose for which the funds collected are to be used is to be made perfectly clear
  • a donor must be able to pose questions to STF at any time, and expect reliable answers
  • STF is to thank donors for donations in an appropriate manner
  • if a donor wishes to be anonymous, this wish must be respected
  • the name of a donor must never be published without the consent of the donor
  • STF shall never pass the name of a donor to another organisation or company
  • a donor is to have free access to the most recent STF annual report and our articles of association
  • a donor can expect to be met in a correct and professional manner.

STF’s fundraising methods

The fundamental principle of our fundraising activities is that they are to take place with respect for the donor. We approach both individuals (members and non-members) and companies in our fundraising activities. In the case of large donations and established collaboration with companies, we follow the guidelines for such collaboration. These include regulations about the types of company with which STF may collaborate and receive support. We carry out fundraising principally in the form of communication campaigns using our own media channels.

General donations

General donations are paid into our general donations account [Plusgiro 117608-0]. The funds are used to realise STF’s guidelines in the field of tourism, outdoor activities, the natural environment and cultural heritage. On the condition that the fundraising is not targeted at a specific purpose, STF will accept donations with conditions attached only in exceptional circumstances.

Excess funds raised

If the funds raised for a particular purpose exceed the target, the excess will be passed to the association and will then be treated as a general donation.

Declining a donation

It is possible for STF to decline to accept a donation if there is significant suspicion that the operations of the donor are in conflict with the guidelines and values of the association, or if there is suspicion that the origin of the donation is inappropriate. Other grounds for declining a donation are that the donation will have undesired consequences since it is given by a political party or religious organisation whose intention is to promote party-political or religious opinions; it is given by a company or organisation that breaks conventional guidelines as specified by the Equality Ombudsman (DO); or it is given by representatives of the pornography, tobacco or arms industries. STF may also decline a donation if it is associated with specific conditions that STF cannot satisfy, or if the costs of accepting the donation are not reasonable, relative to the amount of the donation.


STF regularly provides information about current fundraising on the STF website and/or on a campaign website created for the purpose. Donors who give an individual donation or several donations receive feedback some time after the donation. In cases in which it has been assessed that the cost of feedback will be large relative to the size of the donation, no feedback is given.

Accounting of income and expenses

The structure of income and expenses associated with a specific fundraising activity will be presented on the relevant campaign website. STF presents accounts for donor activity in the annual report, which can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Donors consent to accepting communication

By making a donation to STF, the donor gives STF the right to communicate with him or her after the donation has been made.

Management of personal data – the Personal Data Act

All personal data are managed as specified by the Personal Data Act. Your address and other contact details are stored in our database. Your details are used solely by us at STF in order to provide information about fundraising, the STF, and other relevant information. The information will not be passed to any other party. You can at any time obtain a copy of the information we hold about you by contacting us by e-mail: insamling@stfturist.se or by mail: Svenska Turistföreningen, Insamling, P.O. Box 17251, SE-104 62 Stockholm, Sweden.

Contact insamling@stfturist.se if you have any questions about fundraising or donations.

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