Nikkaluokta - STF Kebnekaise

You start your walk in the village of Nikkaluokta where there is a restaurant and a little shop. The trail runs mainly through birch forest. At the start of the walk the trail follows a narrow tractor road. Later on it changes into a relatively rough path with boarded walkways. You can choose to take a boat trip, which shortens the walk by six kilometres. The boat runs several times a day following a published timetable.

At the landing stage there is a view over the Kebnekaise massif. This is also where the new Restaurang Enoks is located, which serves things like waffles with cloudberries and reindeer burgers to hungry walkers.

If you continue your walk after the landing stage, you will come to a stretch that goes gently uphill for a few kilometres before you reach your destination. You cross the bridge over the Tarfalajåkka mountain stream, which drains the glaciers in Tarfaladalen. Once you get to STF Kebnekaise Mountain Station you have access to a restaurant, shop and other services for walkers. Weather permitting, there are daily guided tours to Kebnekaise’s southern summit.

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