Hikers walking between Saltoluokta and Sitojaure

Saltoluokta - STF Sitojaure

The walk begins in the old-growth forest at the STF Saltoluokta Mountain Station. Soon the pines give way to mountain birches. The slopes up towards the barren mountainside are quite steep at first, but after 3 kilometres you are up in the open mountain moorland. Here there is a magnificent view to the west.

The trail goes over easy heather-covered moors without any great climbs. About halfway along, you’ll reach the mountain shelter at Autsutjvagge and after a further 3 to 4 kilometres you’ll pass the route’s highest point at 775 metres above sea level. The trail goes down Sjäksjos steep eastern face before you come to the STF Sitojaure Mountain Station, in a naturally beautiful setting next to a Sámi settlement on Sitojaures northern beach.

This is a reindeer herding area – please treat it with respect and consideration!

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