Woman next to huge rock near Singi - Kaitumjaure

Singi - Kaitumjaure

This is an easy stage from Singi, following the Tjäktjajåkka mountain stream to its outlet into the Kaitumjaure lake. You pass through an old area of reindeer husbandry, where the remains of Sámi tents and reindeer grazing can be seen in several places.

The first part of the route passes through slightly hilly terrain, which soon becomes flat heaths. Differences in height are generally small. The first part (10 kilometres or so) offers good rest areas with access to water pretty much everywhere. After you have passed the bridge 3 kilometres north of STF Kaitumjaure the terrain becomes slightly more demanding, but the path passes over wooden walkways in many places.

The Sanjartjåkka peak to the west of STF Kaitumjaure offers a fantastic view. A peak station has been set up here with a guestbook where you can record your visit. Ask the cabin manager about the route to the top. The plateau at the western part of Kaukulvagge holds many remains from previous generations of the Sámi people. It’s a good idea to buy a fishing licence in advance, because the fishing here is excellent

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