Hikers above river delta in Abisko

STF Abisko - STF Abiskojaure

The beautiful entrance beside the STF Abisko Turiststation is the northern starting point of the Kungsleden trail. Charge your batteries with a superb meal and collect all the information you need before starting the southwards journey along the trail. Along the trail you will find protected orchids that grow in the mountain marshland.

The Abisko national park comprises mainly birch forest. The trail is easy, as it passes close to the rushing waters of Abiskojåkka. A rest area comes after some kilometres hiking, next to a high limestone rockface. The site has not only picnic tables and toilets, but also an imposing view across the canyon and the surrounding mountains. It is known as “Marmorbrottet” and the yellow-white rockface consists of a type of rock known as “dolomite”.

The path climbs slightly away from the rest area, before levelling out by the Abiskojaure lake, as the birch forest becomes less dense. And in the east, the mighty mountain Giron can be seen.

Pass the Kamajåkka on a hanging bridge, and you will soon arrive at the end of the stage. A sandy beach, ideal for swimming, lies next to the cabins.

Remember that camping is only allowed in the national park at designated camping locations.

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