STF Abiskojaure - STF Alesjaure

This hike starts in a forest of mountain birch. It soon reaches the barren mountain moorland, where the eastern side becomes an extended system of lakes.

A steep climb up the Kieronbacken is an early feature of the hike. In places, the route crosses a boulder-strewn landscape diagonally. Once you have reached the mountain moorland, you continue mainly across grass and heathland with undergrowth. Eventually, you reach a series of mountain lakes. At the final one of the series, Alesjaure, you can choose in the tourist season to take a boat ride along the final stretch. This makes the distance to walk 4 kilometres shorter. The Laevas summer settlement lies east of the Alesjaure lake. Here you find the STF mountain cabins in beautiful locations on a rise at the southern end of the Alesjaure lake.

Remember that extensive reindeer husbandry is carried out in the region – show respect for this.