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STF Aigert - STF Serve

Even though the STF Aigert and STF Serve mountain cabins are at approximately the same height above sea level, the terrain around them is far from flat. On the contrary – you pass the highest point of the Kungsleden long-distance trail south of the Kebnekaise mountains here.

From the STF Aigert mountain cabin, follow the stream up towards Lill-Aigert, where you obtain a spectacular view down to the marshes at Tjulträsket. The route continues over low-lying hills to the highest point of the stage at Juovvatjåhkka, where a rest shelter is located. In good weather, it is possible to take a detour here to the peak of Stor-Aigert.

The path down to the subsequent plateau is rather steep, and then it climbs again to the Vuomatjhkkas shelter. The stage concludes with a long sloping section through birch forest. You pass the bridge across the Servvejuhkka river with is imposing waterfalls after a few kilometres, to finally arrive at STF Serve mountain cabin. Excellent sites for camping as situated just to the west of STF Serve and by the side of the Servvejuhkka river.

Reindeer husbandry is carried out in the region – show respect for this.

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