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STF Aktse - STF Pårte

After you’ve taken either a rowing boat or a motorboat over Lake Laitaure, you start the long walk to the STF Pårte Mountain Cabin. The first 5 kilometres are over easy terrain on a path through a large forest. You come into the Sarek National Park, which you’ll then be walking through almost all the rest of the way to STF Pårte. Sarek National Park constitutes real wilderness and is the country’s largest high mountain area.

A short but steep ascent takes you up to the gently rolling open mountainside. Halfway there, at Rittak, there is a mountain shelter where the forest and barren mountain landscape meet. You’re now in the Sarek National Park, so remember that there are some particular rules that apply here. From Rittak, your walk continues towards the pass between Faunaåive and Huornatj.

The last stretch towards the STF Pårte Mountain Cabin goes down the barren mountainside and can be difficult in the rain, but it soon gets better. The remaining kilometres to STF Pårte go through beautiful coniferous old-growth forest. In addition to being one of just a few unspoiled pine old-growth forests in the Lapland mountains, it has a wealth of fauna.

Important information about boat transportation

The row boats are available when the lakes are completely free from ice, this is usually around midsummer (which is around June 20th). The transports by motor boat starts when the mountain huts are officially open for the season.

See time table for the boat transportation along the trails here

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