Hiking along trail between Alesjaure and Tjäktja

STF Alesjaure - STF Tjäktja

The hike between the STF mountain cabins at Alesjaure and Tjäkta is mountain trekking at its best – luxuriant, easy to walk, with a rich birdlife. The goal – a mountain heath surrounded by majestic peaks and glaciers. A magnificent hike, offering many experiences, both large and small.

Below the STF Alesjaure mountain cabin, the route crosses the Alesätno river by a long bridge. It then follows the eastern side of the broad watercourse, as it meanders through a luxuriant delta. You are surrounded by imposing mountain peaks, but the stage you are walking is easy. Birdlife is rich along the Alesätno river.

The path continues gently upwards across brushwood heaths and grassy meadows. A bridge and a stretch of wading are easily passed. It is only as you approach the STF Tjäktja mountain cabin that the path starts to become steep and stony. The cabin is on the opposite bank of the river, and is reached by a bridge.

Remember that reindeer husbandry is carried out in the region – show respect for this.

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