Hiker on cliff next to Blåhammaren

STF Blåhammaren - STF Sylarna

From STF Blåhammaren you can see the impressive Syl massif in the distance. The Syl massif is the most ‘high-alpine’ part of the Jämtland mountains. It is perfect for day trips on your own or with the mountain station’s guides. The way there provides wide views over an undulating bare mountain region. When you get there, you are likely to want to spend an extra day and get to reach the summit.

After a few kilometres of gentle descent, the ground flattens out. You walk through an open, gently undulating mountain landscape. In the lowest sections and around the streams the countryside is more lush. The Norwegian border is five kilometres west of you. Approximately eight kilometres from STF Blåhammaren, you are at the lowest point of this stretch. A stream winds its way through the grass here. This is an excellent spot for a rest and camping if it is not too wet. The last three kilometres climb gently uphill to the Sylarna Mountain Station. This stage has no difficult sections but can get rather exposed to the wind.

There are two wind shelters: Enkälen about halfway along and Gamla Sylen about two kilometres from the end.

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