Legs of hikers walking between Blåhammaren and Storerikvollen

STF Blåhammaren - Storerikvollen

This route goes through a pleasant and gently rolling landscape. A walk that provides beautiful views over the border mountains and Essandsjön, the large lake that can be seen on the Norwegian side of the border.

This stretch is an easy one without any difficult sections. The first 5 kilometres of your walk go slightly downhill, but the terrain flattens out as you approach the Endalen mountain shelter. When you’ve gone a few more kilometres beyond the shelter, you’ll reach the Enan river and the Norwegian border.

Go across the bridge over the Enan and you’re in Norway. The trail is now marked with big red “T”s painted on stones. It goes gently uphill towards the Remskleppen and then descends towards a smoother marshy landscape. After about 3 kilometres, you’ll reach the Norwegian Trekking Association’s hut – DNT Storerikvollen.

The hut has been in existence since 1897 and is an old mountain grazing hut with a view of Lake Essandsjøen and the Sylarna mountains. If you are interested in history, you can also take the opportunity to see the memorial monument to the Swedish Carolean Death March of 1718 on Mount Bustvalen.

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