Raindeers horns and sign on red wall

STF Gåsen - STF Stensdalen

It’s only a short initial ascent from STF Gåsen to the highest point in this stretch. From there it’s an easy downhill walk. The Sjtäntja mountain shelter is just under halfway. After that, you leave the heath and continue along the Sjtänja and Tubbeke slopes.

Note! Some information on this page may be outdated due to the new land lease in Jämtland and Härjedalen. Learn more about the new land lease and which accommodations are affected. The page is continuously updated.

The last two kilometres of your walk go through mountain birch forest. You cross the bridge over the Stensån River and reach STF Stensdalen Mountain Cabin on the other side – in its beautiful setting in the mountain birch forest off the beaten track. The Sámis who have lived – and still live – here used to go to school right here in Stensdalen.

The whole of this region is a reindeer herding area – please treat it with respect and consideration.

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