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STF Gåsen - STF Sylarna

From the STF Gåsen Mountain Cabin, high up on the mountain, you go down the slope for about eight kilometres until you reach the mountain shelter at the Gåsån. But right from the start of your walk you can see the trail end at Sylarna, which towers up in the west.

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When you have reached the Gåsån, which is a few inches deep, you wade across it. After crossing the stream, you can look forward to an excellent walk towards Storforsen in Handölan. Soon the path climbs steeply, taking you about 200 metres up in height on the slopes of the Östra Endalshöjden. The stretch that follows goes down by approximately the same amount as it continues towards Lake Långtjärnen. At the end moraines next to the lake, the path turns around the Fruntimmersklumpen summit.

The route continues on the slopes of the Fruntimmersklumpen on a rough path to the Gamla Sylen Mountain Shelter. From the mountain shelter to Sylarna Mountain Cabin the path is easy. STF Sylarna Mountain Cabin is at the foot of the mountain – perfectly framed by the alpine landscape.

As this is a reindeer herding area, please treat it with respect and consideration.

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