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STF Gåsen - Vålådalen

This route takes you via STF’s Vålåstugorna mountain cabins. The section from STF Gåsen to Vålådalen is filled with contrasts. The impressive steep crags of the barren Härjångsfjället mountain and a chain of small lakes in the Härjångsdalen valley give this hike plenty of variety.

Note! Some information on this page may be outdated due to the new land lease in Jämtland and Härjedalen. Learn more about the new land lease and which accommodations are affected. The page is continuously updated.

Two kilometres after leaving STF Gåsen Mountain Cabin, the trail begins to slope gently downhill. You walk diagonally across the northern slopes of the Härjångfjällen mountains. The path then becomes rocky until you have passed the mountain shelter by the Härjångssjöarna lakes, where the landscape is most contrasting.

The terrain is easier once you have passed the lakes. The final section of the hike to Vålåstugorna takes you through a flat landscape of grass, bogs and dry ground on the slopes of Gruvsmällen. The hike from STF Vålåstugan starts in the alpine zone, surrounded by sparse mountain birch forest, and ends in the old-growth forests of Våladalen.

You stay at the same elevation until the trail forks towards the Stendalsstugorna mountain cabins, which you can reach after a hike of about five kilometres. After the junction, the trail goes downhill again towards Skaftet. Once you have crossed the bridge over the river Stensån, the trail towards Vålådalen is wide and easy to walk. The terrain here is rolling and dominated by coniferous forest.

Reindeer herding takes place throughout this area and hikers are therefore required to takes this into consideration.

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