Man walking between Ammarnäs and Hemavan

STF Kaitumjaure - STF Teusajaure

This is a fine route that mostly crosses barren mountain landscape. The views while hiking are magnificent, and in clear weather you can see right across to Sarek. The stage ends in a steep slope.

The initial part is easy, to the bridge across the Kaitumjåkka, with more stony terrain on the other side. The path soon climbs its way up onto the barren mountain slopes, where some willow-grown areas can be marshy.

Approximately 4 kilometres south of STF Kaitumjaure a Sámi tent stands close to the trail. This was renovated in the 20th century and can offer temporary shelter. About a kilometre on from this, the trail passes over wonderful mountain heaths. You reach the highest point of the stage, 780 meters above sea level, which is followed by a steep descent to the Teusajaure lake.

A waterfall here gives an almost tropical impression. Veils of water fall in a staircase pattern from the mountain, and end among luxuriant greenery. The path down to STF Teusajaure is stony and steep, and can be difficult, particularly in the rain.

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