Couple admiring mountain view

STF Kebnekaise - STF Singi

The hike from STF Kebnekaise Mountain Station to the Singi mountain cabins takes you through the narrow and sometimes dramatic section of the Laddjuvagge valley. This is home to several of the country’s classic climbing routes.

The landscape you hike through is breath-taking. The first few kilometres from the mountain station lead you diagonally across on terrain that is rocky in parts. The route then continues westwards towards the awe-inspiring pass that takes you between the craggy, steep faces of the mountains Singitjåkka and Skárttoaivi.

The valley opens out just before you reach STF Singi, and the views from here are rather impressive. When you come up onto the ridge, which is the end of the narrow section, you are rewarded with magnificent views in both directions. After the ridge, you come to the lake Lassajaure, before the path slopes down towards STF Singi, which is located on Kungsleden.

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