Pårte - Kvikkjokk

STF Pårte - Kvikkjokk

The southerly walk goes through a large forest. Once you’ve crossed the Tjåltajåkka bridge, the path becomes rougher and boulder-strewn in places. The stretch along Lake Stuor Tata is very pretty. In the mosquito season, we recommend staying somewhere close to Lake Stuor Tata if you stop for shelter or to camp.

When you’ve passed the path towards the Pårek Sámi settlement, the trail follows a path that has been walked for hundreds of years. If you have an interest in birds, a detour to Pårekslätten is well worth it. An abundance of long-tailed skuas and marshland attracts waders and sea birds in large numbers.

The last few kilometres down to the STF Kvikkjokk Mountain Station are easy, apart from the hills around Tingstallstenen where the trail can turn into a stream after heavy rain. In the past, Tingstallstenen was an assembly point for district court sessions.

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