Hikers on route between STF Rogen - STF Skedbro

STF Rogen - STF Skedbro

At the junction of paths immediately north of STF Rogen, you continue northwest, over pine-covered heaths and ridges until you reach the bridge over Lake Öster-Rödsjön’s outlet. On your left-hand side you have Lake Rogen and on your right a chain of small lakes. You then walk on the south side of the 1,000-metre Bustvålen summit. The trail divides southwards towards Svukuriset on the Norwegian side and northwards towards Skedbro. The last stretch to STF Skedbro includes boarded walkways over marshes and rough passages, but also heaths that make for easy walking.

There is an alternative route from STF Rogen to STF Skedbro via Lake Kärringsjön. Read more here about the STF Rogen – Kärringsjön – STF Skedbro trail.

As this is a reindeer herding area, please treat it with respect and consideration.

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