Hikers walking between Sälka and Singi

STF Sälka - STF Singi

The hike between the cabins at Sälka and Singi is among the most beautiful and magnificent that the Swedish mountain realm can offer. Imposing summits, steep slopes and huge glaciers surround you as you walk across the luxuriant mountain heaths.

The route takes you through the valley of Tjäktjavagge, which is truly broad here. Many people choose to leave the beaten track and find their own way across the mountain heaths. This is an easy stage, and the magnificent surroundings prevent it from becoming boring. Magnificent views, such as the view across the powerful Drakryggen and the northern summit of Kebnekaise, just keep on appearing one after the other.

There are many natural rest areas and sites suitable for camping along the way. If the weather is not up to its best, a good card to play is the shelter at Kuoperjåkka. You cross many streams on wooden bridges, and the path becomes rather more winding and stony, until you eventually arrive at the STF Singi mountain cabin. The summer settlement Kårtjevuolle is close to Singi, with its Sámi tents, reindeer pens and fencing.

Reindeer husbandry is carried out along the complete route, and this requires that you show consideration.


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