man on bridge near STF Tärnasjö mountain cabin

STF Serve - STF Tärnasjö

This stage is hilly, and sections of it pass over reasonably easy high ground. Towards the end of the stage, the trail takes its course down in stages to the birch forest by Lake Tärnasjö, where the STF Tärnasjö mountain cabin awaits. Several fishing waters are passed as you hike, and these have been made available for anglers.

The trail passes through sparse birch forest and then climbs to the open mountainscape. The highest point of the stage is approximately 900 metres above sea level, and this is passed around the half-way point. The way forward continues then downhill to flat terrain with some marshy places.

A curved valley between lower peaks follows, with several small lakes along the way. After two low passes, you gradually descend into birch forest. The stage finishes with a long downhill stretch to the STF Tärnasjö mountain cabin. Remember that reindeer husbandry is carried out in the region, which requires visitors to show respect.

Tärnasjön is close by and is great for swimming and fishing. The slopes to the east of the cabin are also worth a visit if you are interested in botany: they are home to rare species of grass and sedge.


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