STF Singi - STF Kebnekaise

This is where you leave the Kungsleden long-distance trail. The hike between the Singi cabins and the STF Kebnekaise mountain station passes through the narrow part of Laddjuvagge, with its spectacular scenery.

Several of Sweden’s classic climbing routes, such as “Siluetten” on Toulpagorni, are found between Singi and Kebnekaise. And the landscape here is stimulating. The first kilometres are a gentle uphill to the Lassajaure lake and the actual valley. The views in both directions here are magnificent.

The route continues eastwards towards the imposing passage between the steep rugged slopes of Singitjåkka and Skárttoaivi. After passing the narrow part of the Laddjuvagge valley, you arrive where the landscape opens. The final few kilometres to the

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