Three hikers walking between STF Gåsen and STF Stensdalen

STF Stensdalen - Vålådalen

The leg between STF Stensdalen and Vålådalen starts in a forest of mountain birch, but soon climbs to barren mountain. Before reaching Vålådalen, you pass through primeval coniferous forest.

The path from STF Stensdalen mountain cabin initially passes through mountain birch forest with a few open sections and marshes. You arrive 2 kilometres from the Stensdalen cabins at a bridge that crosses a stream, Tvärån. Arriving at the highest point of the route, 830 metres above sea level, you survey across the forest-clad Vålådalssänkan and the surrounding mountains in the south.

The trail divides into two here, and you take the way to Stensån and Vålån. It’s a great idea to take a dip in the Stensån. The path to Nulltjärn is poorly maintained, and is difficult to follow in places.

Reindeer husbandry is carried out throughout the region, and visitors must show respect for this.

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