STF Storrödtjärn - STF Rogen

This trail starts as you leave the open moraine landscape of STF Storrödtjärn and walk down towards the lake Rogen´s south eastern point where you will find a shelter. The trail then runs over block terrain alternating with parts of mountain birch and spruce forest. You will walk along the west side of Fisklöstjärnen and the rest of the trail is an easy walk slightly uphill along the south side of Tandsjövålen. There you will reach the highest point of this stretch where you can enjoy magnificent views of Lake Rogen and the Norwegian mountains in the west.

When you come down from Tandsjövålen the trail will lead you through sparse spruce forest to the bridge across the stream Tandån. At the trail branch point north of Tandån you leave the northbound trail and walk out on a small piece of headland in the lake to reach STF Rogen.

There is reindeer herding in the area, please proceed with consideration and respect.

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