Hiker walking between Sylarna and Blåhammaren

STF Sylarna - STF Blåhammaren

You can glimpse Blåhammaren far away on the horizon as you start the trek from Sylarna, and the way to your destination passes through a rolling landscape. After you have left the part of the Jämtland mountains and Syl massif that has a clearly Alpine character, the route continues through rolling terrain across low hills.

The stage starts with a downhill stretch of approximately 3 kilometres, which you have previously walked in the opposite direction. The path divides after a short distance, and you here follow the western route, with clear signposting for STF Blåhammaren. The route then takes you uphill and downhill along an easy path.

The final kilometres are a long uphill stretch. However, the reward is worth it when you arrive – a magnificent panorama across the mountain landscape. Blåhammaren is one of the highest mountain stations run by STF.

This stage does not have any difficult parts, but is very exposed to the wind. Remember also that reindeer husbandry is carried out in the region – show respect for this.

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