STF Sylarna - STF Helags

The route for this trek starts along the beautiful Sylälven River, which meanders through the mountain landscape. After a couple of kilometres, the path swings away and divides.

There are two alternatives here. You can either choose the somewhat shorter route signposted “Helags”, which takes you through the pass between Kläppen and Herrklumpen to the shelter at Mieskentjakke. Or you can choose the more strenuous, higher route via the U-shaped Ekorrpasset with its characteristic steep mountain walls. There is no summer trail from the pass, but you can use the winter trail as a guide until you meet the other route at the Mieskentjakke shelter.

The final stretch is a fine path along Handölan without any noticeable height differences. The STF Helags mountain station awaits at the foot of the highest peak in Sweden south of the Arctic Circle.