STF Sylarna - Storerikvollen

This is a fairly easy hike which for the most part runs gently downhill on dry ground. However, there are some parts where you will walk on boarded walkways over bogs. The path crosses the border between Sweden and Norway on Fiskåhöjden, a mountain offering beautiful views.

You start by walking down the short hill from STF Sylarna Mountain Station to the bridge that takes you across Sylälven. On the way from STF Sylarna Mountain Station you will see traces of ice age researcher Carl Mannerfelt´s excavations from the end of the 1930´s. You will then follow a dry pass along Vaktklumpen. To the right you will have a great view of the valley of Enan, the site where the first Sylhyddan was built in 1890.

You can try your luck at fishing in Fiskåtjärnen where there are plenty of fish if you have a rod and fishing permit.  After the small lake you continue towards Fiskåhöjden and cross Riksgränsen, the border to Norway. There you will find a shelter with peat roof offering a magnificent view of Sylarna´s highest peak in the southeast and the great big lake Essandsjön in the west. There is also an emergency phone at this shelter.

The trail will then lead you downhill on the dry west side of Fiskehöjden. At the level of the old settlement Essandheim the path merges with the path from Nedalen to Storerikvollen. You will then continue on a dry mountain ridge close to a birch forest with some boarded walkways across bogs. After you have crossed the bridge across Djupholma there is only an easy stretch left to reach Storerikvollen.

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