Syter - Viterskalet

STF Syter - STF Viterskalet

The stage is dominated by Syterskalet, a corridor 10 kilometres long with a luxuriant valley bottom between grey-black walls. This U-shaped valley is the most spectacular passage along the southern part of the Kungsleden long-distance trail.

Cross the Svärfarbäcken stream by the bridge just to the west of the STF Syter mountain cabin. The hike starts with a steep uphill across Sjul-Olsaxeln, which is an extension that stretches out from Norra Storfjället. The route then continues down to a junction of paths – choose the one that goes towards Syterskalet. Many people experience this luxuriant valley, with its beautiful location between steep craggy walls, to be the most impressive in the Vindelfjäll region. Reindeer often graze in the region around Syterskalet, and you must show great consideration for this.

When you reach the western end of the valley, follow the Syterbäcken stream southwards to the STF Viterskalet mountain cabin. A hiking trail from the STF Syter mountain cabin also reaches Viterskalet. This route passes via the northern peak, Sytertoppen, at 1,768 metres above sea level. Only choose this route if you have extensive experience of mountain walking, and the weather forecast is good.

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