Hikers on a break between Tärnasjö and Syter

STF Tärnasjö - STF Syter

An easy stage that crosses Lake Tärnasjös unique archipelago by a series of bridges. After that there is a slope up the barren mountainside and the STF Syter Mountain Cabin – in one of the most beautiful settings along the Kungsleden trail.

From the STF Tärnasjö Mountain Cabin, you walk through birch forest along the eastern side of Lake Tärnasjö. Some sections include wooden walkways over marshland areas. As the eastern side is also a reindeer herding area, please remember to treat it with respect and consideration. The southern part of Lake Tärnasjö is an archipelago with hundreds of small islets originating from Rogen moraines, which are among the Vindelfjällen mountains’ most interesting formations. It is also a sanctuary for many sea birds. You cross the lake via seven bridges.

The distance from the last bridge abutment to STF Syter is 4 kilometres. The Kungsleden trail follows a steep ascent through birch forest before the stage concludes with a stretch of flat terrain. In the background, the Norra Sytertoppen peak stands out in bold relief, 1,768 metres above sea level. Mountain walkers have been coming here since as far back as 1923 when the first Syter cabin was built.

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