STF Vålåstugan – STF Helags

The trail between Vålåvalen and Helags offers hiking in an open mountainous landscape with wide stretched scenery. Towards the end of the trail you will see the impressive Helags massif with its glacier.

The trail starts when you leave The Vålå Cabins and walk south. After only 3 kilometres you reach the bridge across the stream Härjångsån in Vålådalen nature reserve. The trail continues along the barren slope of Härjång Mountain, and for a while you will be walking along a reindeer enclosure.

The path splits at Ljungan shelter where you will take the path south towards Helags. The hike then continues on a relatively flat terrain towards the pass between Krustjärnstöten and Slaajve, and after a few kilometres downward you will reach Krusstjärn.

The last part takes you up an ascent along the south side of Jalketsåjja before you reach the goal of this leg – The STF Helags Mountain Station. The mountain station is situated in a beautiful spot at the foot of Sweden´s highest peak.

There is reindeer herding in the whole area, proceed with consideration and respect.

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